Zafepass VFS

Storing and accessing data easily and securely, both locally and in the cloud, while maintaining data privacy and sovereignty, presents a complex set of challenges, which are of utmost importance in an era where data breaches, unauthorized access, and data misuse are significant concerns.

Zafepass offer two unique,


VFS - Virtual File Share and,

UFS - Universal File Share.

VFS is a virtual filesystem,

hosted locally on the same

storage drive where the

Zafepass client runs from.

When data is stored locally,

ensuring its privacy and

security requires implementing strong encryption, strict access control and the ability to manage it. Although cloud providers offer security features –the responsibility for securing data often remains shared between the provider and the user, who often don’t realize their responsibility and that they have no control.

Zafepass VFS offer a never before seen method - as VFS is an emulated (virtual) drive, that looks, feels and responds like any other hard-disk or removable storage media -similar to connecting a USB storage device, except the actual data is stored in an encrypted file residing in the same folder as the Zafepass client(e.g., a thumb drive).

The user can’t mount (enable) this drive themselves. In the connection and validation process, established by the Zafepass client, the provisioning server is instructed to mount a "Secure-Drive“ for as long as the user have an active session at the site.

Once the user's session ends, the VFS drive is automatically unmounted. VFS is a local data-vault where sensitive data can be stored and remain in-visible even if the device is stolen or otherwise lost. The data may be lost (remember backup) – but not leaked .

Zafepass, is a security-first platform, which helps IT-admin to control and manage storage areas and provide permissions. This could be a supply-chain partner, that need blue-prints or other material, but being controlles by the 'data-owner". 

Zafepass VFS also support the needs of CMMC 2.0; Cyber Maturity Model Certification issued by the US Department of Defense.