Zafepass Prevent & Protect provide access to any IT, OT and/or IoT ressource, solving a blatant critical problem.


What you've been told for years - are no longer true! Zafepass will change your beliefs.


Access to any digital resource has to go over a network.

Not true! 


Security can't be close to 100% and at the same time cheaper.

Not true!


You can't transform to a better state, without disrupting business operation.

Not true!

Disruptive Innovation

Non-disruptive Adoption

designed for making cyber-attacks extremely unlikely to be successful.

Your fast-pass to digital

transformation, less

complexity and lower

operational costs ....

Zafepass Prevent & Protect

will provide superior control of resources, users, access, connectivity and how security policies should be enforced.

It's a non-compromize, non-invasive platform, easy to implement - not disrupting your existing environment.

Once in place - start off-loading cost heavy security solutions not up fo the job !