All You need is An Unfair Advantage!

We give you two!

(more on the way)

Zafepass Prevent & Protect

A Superior holistic Access, Identity Control, Communication and Data Protection platform

built on Zero-Trust, Safeguarding against

Unknown and Unseen Cyber-Threats!

Zafepass A2P (CPaaS)

We call it ZPaaS - a State of the Art Communication Platform - as a Service.

Of course Secure, Agile & Scalable.

Reduce time to market and reduce cost.

Zafepass Prevent & Protect stands as a cornerstone in fortifying organizational security, seamlessly melting into diverse architectures with its multifaceted simplified approach eliminating Cyber-criminal action to do any harm.

Now, venturing into the CPaaS realm, the company broadens its scope beyond security, delivering versatile communication solutions tailored to modern business needs.

This expansion continue to bolster on simple effective methods driven by a proactive, preventive and protective security posture.

By championing this ethos, organizations can optimize productivity, minimize complexity, and ensure operational resilience, reaping substantial long-term benefits across cost efficiency, resource utilization, regulations and overall business agility.

Keep engaged, as more features and functions are being added benefiting the organisations installing our solutions.

It's said, that you can't protect what you can't see.

We like to prove them wrong!

Why rely on detecting and responding to Cyber-attacks?

When You Can Avoid Them!