Welcome to Zafehouze.

We provide a premium

Prevent & Protect

solution called

Zafepass !

Zafepass is a non-compromize holistic platform, and a mix of deperimeterization, software defined perimeter, embedded with true zero-trust - added unique features, capable of removing the traditional network perimeter (incl. the network access model) and provide a more dynamic, risk-based approach for securing digital resources, users, devices, applications and services.

Zafepass is NOT like anything you've seen or used before.

Users or adversaries (inside or outside), cannot subvert Zafepass, whether by malice, accident or trickery.

It's a non-disruptive solution. 

The design principles are rooted in

Security First, Automated Simplicity, Easy Management & Scalability.

The built-in Micro-Segmentation, Attribute Based

Access Control (ABAC), Session & Connectivity Control, Holistic 4,096bit Encryption (incl. data at rest), Identity Management (w/ AD sync etc.), Ephemeral Connectivity and a range of other features

Zafepass is designed to make cyber-attack

extremely unlikely to be successful.