It all started in 2002. The team behind ZAFEHOUZE developed a technology for secure client-server comminication, and in 2005 the solution got patented.

A business was crafted, thousands of clients opted-in, proving the concept - and a few years later an exit resulted in the founders pursuing other careers within the IT- and Cyber-security industry. 

From then till now, Cyber-criminal activity have grown into a multi-billion dollar industry destroying shareholdervalue in excess of 6,000 billion dollars yearly.

In January 2021, the founders launched a completely re-designed 3rd generation version, called ZafePass, enhancing the Software Defined Perimeter and Zero-Trust principles as they were already in the original design from 2002. 

ZafePass extend the Software Defined Perimeter and Zero-Trust design guidelines adding various obfuscating techniques for hardening the platform to an extend, most attack-vectors and TTPs cyber criminals use, are eliminated.