Niels E. Anqvist

Founder, CEO & President.

IT veteran, innovator & serial entrepreneur. Niels entered the IT industry in the early 80'ies. With a customer centric, problem-solving technical mindset added sales passion, Niels have inspired several innovative solutions over the years. 

40 years of business experienced has been gained from both the start- and scale-up world, as well from leadership positions within organisations like HP, IBM & Deloitte.

Niels holds a BA in Business Administration and Commercial Law, and is a certified Security Operation Center architect, with several cyber-security certifications taken. 

Jimi T. Jørgensen

Founder, CTO & President.

IT veteran, innovator, entrepreneur, brewer, software developing magician, patent holder. Jimi entered the IT-business in the early 90'ies as a technical wizard.

Jimi is known for his non-compromise passion for making innovative designs based on both security first principles and simplicity. Jimi is responsible for the design and development of the Zafepass Prevent & Protect platform.

His immense background, knowledge and skills around cyber-security is stellar, and he primarily gained his extensive experience from the Financial Services Industry as well innovative start- & scale-up organisations.

We started our first business together in 2003, when we created the first generation design (was patented) that eventually lead to a completely modernized third genereation platform - now called Zafepass Prevent & Protect (released 2021).

We operate Zafehouze via old-school business principles - no debt, no creditline and no 3rd party sub-contractor, technology or vendor dependencies of any kind - and all IP (Intellectual Property) belongs to Zafehouze, which is 100% self-financed and profitable.

Zafehouze Country/Territory Leads

We're expanding - adding more country leads around the world. They are local Zafehouze ambassadors and representatives, able to provide more insight to our solution-capabilities as well as answer any question you might have. Feel free to contact them directly via their e-mail.

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