It took us a decade to perfect it - yet, we still strive for more.

It's already efficient, effective, simple, agile and scalable - made affordable for both Enterprise & SMB's.

It's extremely secure! 

Only offered by Zafehouze Approved Source Partners, e.g.  Service Providers, MSP's, MSSP's, Outsourcers etc. 

It's install-ware - and not operated by Zafehouze.

A licensee owns the Zafepass platform.

Zafepass Prevent & Protect

is 'just' a superior toolbox - supporting your business desired requirements. 

Zafepass will help you eliminate manual complexity and transform your busines into automated simplicity.

Remember it is still extremely secure!

The process of automating tasks or operations, resulting in a much simpler and less time-consuming process, as well as it reduces the error potential.

The design makes it easier for non-technical staff to manage the Zafepass Prevent & Protect platform.