It's easy, attractive and highly profitable.

Zafehouze carefully select who can join our partner-ecosystem. Zafepass Prevent & Protect can only be acquired through a 'Zafehouze Approved Source Partner'. Who can join?

MSPs, MSSPs, CSPs, Outsourcer, Consultant, VAR or even distributor(s) - even OEMs or whitelabel interested are welcome to reach out.

The Zafehouze Approved Source Partner program guarantee a territorial license to operate with limited competition. We only team up with dedicated business partners interested in helping their customers and clients eliminate cyber-criminal 'headaches'. 

The Zafepass Prevent & Protect platform guarantee a monthly recurring revenue stream, while at the same time help expand and reinforce a trusted advisor status, becoming the go-to-leader in the territory.

With a dedicated team, Zafehouze watch our partners back. Support, guidance, consulting or any knowledge transfer needed - we'll provide it.

Get full support during the first 3-5-10 deas - whatever is needed, till you are comfortable with Zafepass.

Come join us - join the future and a modern ptatform the prevents cyber-criminal activity can do damage and protect your customers business easy and efficiently.