Mission accomplished!

We innovate, strive for higher standards and continue our relentless work maintaining a leading edge and competitive advantage. Our purpose: to become a significant player in the market for eliminating everything adversaries needs for compromizing IT/OT and IoT systems.

In the near future, transitioning from 'manual complexity' to 'automated simplicity' will become a competitive must for any business. feature implemented is rooted in 'ultimate security' and 'automated simplicity'. We know Zafepass can't stand alone, but saving on labor, time and actual budgets nd Zero-Trust based platform fixing many issues - a few other elements are needed. fully engaged in helping organisations away from 'traditional legacy' and 'manual complexity'. 

The reality is that a Cyber-attack involves TTPs - tactics, techniques and procedures. If an attacker can't perform any TTPs - they don't have what they need. 

ZAFEHOUZE is owned & operated by four Cyber Security Guardians. We are industry experts, with complementary skills and leading edge IT & high tech industry expertice, dating back to 1983.

As a manufacturer of Zafepass - selling probably the most featurerich Zero-Trust based access and communication platform on the market as well as our services - through a global partner eco-system - we have dedicated our resources to help as many organisations as possible away from limited effective solutions and introduce them to more modern, efficient and productive solutions, lowering both Capex and Opex.

We doubt anyone can match Zafepass' price/feature ratio!


    "a secret place, for hiding your (IT-)operation from hostile actors or actions, or from retribution, threats or perceived danger - a 'premise' established by an organisation for the purpose of conducting 'business' as covert activity in relative security".

    The US Depatment of Defense 'safehouse' definition, added 'IT'.