Zafepass Comply-to-Connect

The Zafepass Comply-to-Connect (C2C) methodology is unique compared to other C2C vendors. Zafepass can be configured to eliminate unauthorized device and user access, eliminate your data to be impacted from both known and unknown vulnerabilities and the Security Policy Engine takes actions to immediately deter anomalous behaviors.

Zafepass is moving beyond the broad network-centric security paradigm, applying both Zero-Trust, Deperimeterization and Software Defined platform technology to allow organizations to limit access to data resources by assessing user-resource connection requests in the most granular way possible.

One of the largest government

cybersecurity initiatives in the

world, is the DoD C2C - a major

step forward in security across

both classified & non-classified

levels. A major difference is

that C2C seeks visibility of all

connected assets.

Full visibility is just the tip of

the iceberg in the ways that

C2C lays the foundation for

the DoD’s zero trust journey.

In the same way - Zafepass

leverage C2C to efficiently

enhance clients cybersecurity posture across the enterprise. C2C, which leverages zero trust’s least privilege principles to protect access to data resources and assets, provides the foundation for two primary goals:

  1. Zafepass Prevent & Protect C2C fills existing capability gaps in currently fielded enterprise security solutions through a stronger device identification, device and user authentication, and security compliance assessment.
  2. Zafepass also automates routine security administrative functions, remediation of non-compliant devices, patch management and support incident response through the integration to other security products for continuous monitoring. Whereas other enterprise security solutions focus on a subset, C2C applies to all categories of connected devices: workstations/servers, mobile devices, user peripherals etc.

Most significantly, Zafepass' C2C Security Policy Engine enables teams to authenticate the security posture for the endpoint of each resource before granting access. This ensures all devices are assessed to determine validity & compatibility with enterprise policy. In accordance with zero trust, systems and devices are, then, only granted access to appropriate resources.

Further, all connected devices are continually monitored with the capability to address any cyber-related deviations through automated action within the C2C framework.

When combined with zero trust principles, the Zafepass Security Policy Engine ensures both the user and their device meet defined access requirements and have the necessary cyber hygiene to allow trusted and compliant access to enterprise resources.