Zafepass Prevent & Protect

Platform Pricing - SMB's

Are you an SMB's with up to 20 employees?

Then you're most likely eligible to receive a 100% FREE LICENSE.

Just fill out the form below and send us a request - with a few lines about your business and your IT / OT setup.


Why do we provide SMB's a FREE LICENSES?

A few reasons.

First of all - because we can. All Zafepass IP belong

to Zafehouze. With no 3rd party dependencies,

there's no royalty to pay anyone. Zafepass is an end-to-end platform - so you really don't need anything else.

But the most important reason is;

SMB's often don't have the time, resources, skills,

experience or capacity to deal with IT and OT security!

Get your FREE Zafepass Prevent & Protect license - and

concentrate on doing business, save operational costs

and secure your IP rights, stays with you.

Our small contribution to a 'Zafer' world!