Besides the Zafepass Prevent & Protect Platform - our design and technology have paved the way

for a few spin-offs.

The Zafepass Gateways have proved extremely fast - meaning Mobile Network Operators and Large Corporations are using Zafepass for distributing A2P traffic.

In addtion Zafehouze have entered into various projects - one it to create an extremely secure Digital Voting solutions that cannot be manipulated and still provide voter privacy. 

Further we have a passion for SMB's. With limited resources and experience in digital operational resilience, they need a new model for consuming IT. Together with MSPs and MSSPs, the Zafepass Prevent & Protect platform offer them IT-as-a-Service as well as ITSEC-as-a-Service - fully managed by the MSP/MSSP.

The Zafepass solutions are only offered by Zafehouze Approved Source Partners, e.g.  Service Providers, MSP's, MSSP's, Outsourcers etc. - and the platform is NOT operated by Zafehouze.

The licensee owns the Zafepass platform.

The Zafepass design lessen the burden of Governance, Risk & Compliance, GDPR, NIS2 and other directives in a new way.

Using 'guard-rails' that cannot be subverted, enforce security and how any digital resource is accessed - and neither users nor adversaries can subvert these by malice, accident or trickery.

Zafepass will ease or even eliminate many GRC elements and tackle a majority of controls in popular Cyber-security frameworks like NIST SP800-53, SP800-171/172 (CMMC 2.0), CIS-18, ISO 27001/27002, PCI DSS etc.


Zafepass eliminate manual complexity and transform your business IT, into automated simplicity.

Automating tasks or operations, result in a much simpler and less time-consuming process, reducing error potential, as well as lower cost of operation, as managing the solution is made easy, even for non-technical staff members.