It should be efficient & effective - and it is!

It should be easy, simple, agile, scalable - and it is!

It should support both Enterprise & SMB - and it does!

It should be affordable and extremely secure - and it is!

It should be offered by Service Providers - and it can! 

It should be yours!

Maybe not yours (yet) - but Zafepass is install-ware, and NOT a Zafehouze provided service!

(does re-routing your traffic meet Zero-Trust principles?) 

A licensee own the Zafepass platform.

An Enterprise, organisation or Service Provider

... who solely decide how Zafepass is configured.

We don't!

We 'just' provide a solid platform with a superior toolbox - easy to operate and maintain - and we or our partner eco-system help set everything up to meet your needs and requirements. 

It should help Governance, Risk & Compliance - and it does!

It should help mitigating Security Frameworks - and it does!

It should help GDPR, NIS2 and other directives - and it does!

It should help users - just be users - and it does!

The Zafepass Prevent & Protect Platform is different from many 'point security solutions', in the way that Zafepass embed 'guard-rails' and not 'gates'. What's the difference?

Users and adversaries tend to 'go around' gates, whereas 'guard-rails' cannot be subverted. Guard-rails guide how resources are configured and accessed - and neither users nor adversaries can subvert them - whether by malice, accident or trickery.

Zafepass will help manage and even eliminate many GRC elements as well as the majority of the controls in populat Cyber-security frameworks like NIST SP800-53, SP800-171/172 (CMMC 2.0), CIS-18, ISO 27001/27002, PCI DSS etc.


It should eliminate manual complexity - and it does!

Zafepass Prevent & Protect is all about automated simplicity. The process of automating tasks or operations, resulting in a much simpler and less time-consuming process, as well as it reduces the potential for errors.

This has always been a key design task - the platform should require less technical knowledge, making it easier for non-technical staff to manage the platform.


Todays IT and OT environments can easily be characterized as 'Manual Complexity'. Manual because its hard to automate the many solutions needed - it requires IT-arthitects, Data Scientists, Network Engineer's, Managers, DevOps, Security Engineers and Analysts, Project Managers, Database Admins etc. IT is complex!

Today! ... the good nows is - it can be simplified. A lot!

Zafepass Prevent & Protect platform change manual compleity into automated simplicity. You'll need IT-people with knowledge about your business - IT and OT, but the whole environment will be a lot easier to manage and maintain.