Zafehouze News

Come back anytime soon - more updates and news are on the way (end of April)

December 2022:

Zafehouze received notification by the Danish Innovation Fund that a grant (value €100,000) was approved for the developmnet of UFS - Unified File System for Zafepass. What UFS is all about will be revealed in February 2023.

A hint - Zafepass already support local encrypted file-repositories (VFS - Virtual File System) only identifiable by the Zafepass licensee owner / operator and fully controlled by central IT management.

VFS was developed to support CMMC 2.0 a Department of Defense (US) requirement for all sub-contractors to have full control CUI data - also by their subcontractors.

Imagine a cloud feature with similar capabilities. 

At Zafehouze we are very pleased with the Danish Innovation Fund being well 'ahead of the curve' together with us. Thanks and stay tuned.       

November 2022:

LUKARDI is a Polish IT solution powerhouse, with strong focus on SAP, consulting and general IT-security. LUKARDI has agreed to become a Zafehouze partner with emphasis on Poland - starting up in January (2023).      

October 2022:

Zafehouze Poland begins getting traction. With the initiation of the first pragmatic dialogs with Polish and Eastern European organisations and partners regarding Zafepass - Zafehouze expects the first license agrements to land in Q1, 23.    

August 2022:

In February 2022, Zafepass was released with VFS - the Zafepass Virtual File System - a Personal Data Encryption service, which is basically a local "drive" with a range of features - one is that the drive is only accessible from within the Zafepass Agent, but centrally controlle. It was made for CUI support (CMMC 2.0 certification) and clients have asked for the same functionality in hybrid and public cloud environments. Wait for it !!     

August 2022:

Zafehouze initiates its global expansion plans with focus on the Nordics and EMEA operating out of Denmark, the Eastern European market from Poland and the Americas from East Cost US. The APAC market is up for 'grasp' in 2023.   

August 2022:

Zafehouze Poland recieves that first pat of the PFR grant and initiates dialog with several Polish business partners in the IT and Cyber-security field.   

July 2022:

Zafehouze joins forces with ICSecurity ApS taking on the DigitalLead challenge. ICSecurity and Zafehouze has already worked on the project for some months. The e purpose is to present a solution for securing OT and IoT environments before November 2022.    

June 2022:

DTU Terma Challenge - is transferred to DigitalLead, the Danish governmental cluster for digital technologies, gathering private business organisations, research and education, public authorities developing solutions for the industries and sectors in need of innovative digital solutions.

DigitallLead constitutes a unique platform for innovation and growth through the interaction between business and industry, research and education, public authorities and private citizens.


June 2022:

Zafehouze moves its headquarter office location to Langebjerg 1, 4000 Roskilde (Denmark)   

May 2022:

Zafehouze build out its partner eco-system with a leading MSP in Denmark with focus on the Small, Meduim Enteroruse segment. A segment Zafepass is designed to support with state of the art affordable technology.   

May 2022:

Zafehouze build out its partner eco-system with 3 new partners (resellers and MSP's) in Africa.  

May 2022:

Zafehouze build out its partner eco-system with 3 new partners (resellers and MSP's) in Africa.  

April 2022:

Zafehouze is invited to participate in the DTU Terma Challenge initiated by the Technical University of Denmark, with the purpose of providing new methods of securing OT and IoT environments.   

April 2022:

Zafepass is being deployed at a member of the Danish Defense & Security Association, with the purpose of managing CUI data and obtain a CMMC 2.0 Level 2 certification faster.    

March 2022:

Zafehouze Sp. z o.o. (Poland) is created as a subsidiary of Zafehouze Holding. The Polish office will act as the sales-office for our Zafepass solution in Eastern Europe - and also hold a core development team.  

February 2022: The Zafehouze project within Connect Poland Price is approved and the Zafepass solution is obtaining the highest score in the program. The Polish Development and Innnovation Fund is securing Zafepass a significant grant for the project. 

Janary 2022:

Zafehouze become member of CenSec - the Danish business cluster for stakeholders within the defence, space and security industry.

December 2021:

Zafehuze become member of Dansk Industri.

November 2021:

Zafehouze release VFS for Zafepass a Virtual File System for creating a local encrypted drive only accessible/available via Zafepass. VFS is meeting the defense industry's CMMC 2.0 requirements controlling CUI (Controlled Unclassified Information). Zafepass obtain between 75%-85% score on NIST-800-171r2.  

November 2021:

Zafehouze applied for Connect Poland Prize - a program funded by the Polish Investment Fund & Governemnt for the purpose of developing security for IoT and IIoT - for the Pharma industry and the critical infrastructures in Poland as well as military & defense.

October 2021:

A Private Investor acquire a small equity stake in Zafehouze Holding - valuation $2.5 Million.

Transaction details are under NDA.

August 2021:

Zafehouze become Microsoft Partner and Microsoft Azure Partner and receive a $25,000 grant from Microsoft.  

August 2021:

The first Zafepass solution is being deployed with clients, preventing and protecting a Windows environments with access to multiple Azure resources. 

June 2021:

Zafehouze enter the Cloud Security Alliance global network ( The CEO of Zafehouze establish CSA Denmark and Chair the Danish Chapter. Zafehouze engage in various workgroup projects. 

April 2021: 

Zafehouze is established.The name 'Zafehouze' is chosen due to the definition of what a Safehouse is - and the 'z' refer to the unique level of Zero-Trust embeded into the Zafepass solution developed by Zafehouze.


Headquatered in Denmark.

Subsidiary was established in USA.