There are great business benefits accrued if M&A and divestitures could happen faster and would be less challenging for IT-teams to manage - user connectivity to internal apps and the security of sensitive data.

Activities include converging disparate networks, managing network address translation to deal with overlapping IP addresses, and creating consistent security standards - and this is a lot easier said than done. 2/3 of enterprises are concerned about weak security practices of external users from acquired companies.

Divestitures can prove to be even more difficult. Users often require access to a subset of internal apps even after a divestiture takes place. Risk is introduced as IT admins place users on the network via VPN solutions, making the network vulnerable.

Disrupting M&A and Divestitures  

Introducing a method for simplifying M&A and divestitures,

while at the same time embrace the benefits of Zero-Trust security

Anybody working in M&A or divestiture activities know the importance of maximizing the return on investment. The IT-team can make or break the RoI - and must be empowered to implement changes quickly. It can take months or even years before the benefits and RoI can be evaluated - but with ZafePass you have a new option - an option that allow IT to work fast, improve the experience for all users and secure and simplified access to any IT-resource at the parent (mother) and the acquired (child1) or divested (child2) organisation.

Below is a few simple diagrams describing the process, actions and design.

An Enterprise using ZafePass will have superior M&A or Divistiture advantages. First of all, using ZafePass in the first place have significant lower cost of IT operational benefits, second the IT-team are in control. 

The acquired organisation use legacy infrastructure setup with perimeter and network based access - and user connect from externally via VPNs. VPN is not designed for continous use, which means mobile travellers face contstant issues connecting. VPNs doesn't scale well, are complex to configure and operate, and require a lot of user support. On top VPNs lack granular security, has unpredictable performance and unrealiable availability (travellers).

ZafePass (and other SDP based solutions) are offering the 180-degree opporsite. 

The IT-integration of two companies can become a lot less comples using ZafePass. By installing a ZafePass Gateway (or several) within the acquired IT-infrastructure and synchronize with their user-directory (most likely MS Active Directory) you can now copy the setup from the mother organisation and adjust the settings for application capture and link these with the appropriate users. It takes less than a day to provide users access to the mother-organisation applications you wish your new users should have access to and the same apply to the users from the mother organisation that should have access to the applications within the acquired organisation.

The result: the IT-teams can concentrate and has the time to integrate the backend systems properly.