ZafePass Fast Track

Simplifying the security solution stack and removing attack vectors for securing access to IT resources, services, applications and/or data is the next big IT-industry wave for preventing cyber-crime.

With the launch of ZafePass in 2020, ZAFEHOUZE is a 'wave ahead of competition' in this 150billion dollar global market, providing a revolutionizing technology extremely hard to compromise (if at all possible) – with the capability to enable the cyber-crime immune enterprise.

With the ability to eliminate the need of 7-10 different complex and resource demanding cyber-security solutions, ZafePAss will dramatically lowering OPEX as well as the attack surface - influencing operational resiliency positively.

ZAFEHOUZE aim for +1,000,000 ZafePAss users and subscribers in 2023 ... up from 60,000 in 2021.

ZafePass guarantee:

Lower Cost of Operation

Let ZafePass control the untrusted 'user side', manage the 'connectivity and communication' all the way to the trusted 'backend side'. The benefit - full control !

A Service Provider that offer ZafePass VPC (can be branded) - have the abilty to control the provided IT services - end-2-end - as;

ZafePass doesn't rely on any 3rd party security techologies like VPN/IPSec (x.509), PKI (x.509), SSL/TLS (x.509), DLP, CASB etc. All these represent "potential cracks in your armor", and all are a potential risk.

ZafePass WILL GUARANTEED lower the attack-surface and bring your organisation a lot more security than what you have today - at a much lower cost. We recomment you still scan incomming mails, perform UEBA, monitor and keep patching various infrastructure components - and of course you still need to have trusted people operating your IT environment. 

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ZafePass meet most requirements and can be integrated with many of the solutions you have today.