for better understanding the rationale and why we created ZafePass, a few videos might help put Privacy, Connectivity, Access and Cyber Security in a new perspective.

This BBC clip from 1983 speaks for it self - and touching upon 'Computer Fraud' and how easy it is compromise, manipulate and delete data

Not much has changed - except a lot more complex layered point-security-tools and the cost of getting compromize has exploded.

The playbook of a Cyber criminal - includes, what's known as 'Tactics, Techniques and Procedures' (TTPs). 

Hopefully you reach the "eureka-moment" as well! - when realizing the cheapest and most efficient and effective way to defend IT-systems, is to eliminate or avoid TTPs from even being possible to carry out.

It took us a few years researching and designing how to overcome this - and a few years to develop, test, harden, change - and eventually in January 2021, we could take ZafePass to the market.

It has been thoroughly tested - and not even got a 'scratch' from the hundreds of compromization attempts. Anyone interested are welcome to contact us.  

In 2005, we patented the 1. generation secure access & data-communication technology ... 8-10 years ahead of Software Defined Perimeter and Zero-Trust - explained from a generic perspective in this clip.

ZafePass (now 3. generation) works in the same way as shown, BUT any dependencies to 3rd party point-security solutions - like PKI, TLS (SSL) etc. has been removed for security reasons. On top several obfuscating techniques has been added for hardening the ZafePass platform beyond the shown SDP / ZT guidelines.

The ZafePass technology speaks for itself:

  • Fewer solutions equals simplicity, which equals higher security

  • Full and centralized control via the ZafePass Admin & Provisioning Console

  • Less labor demanding due to the end-to-end built in user transparent security

  • Lower OPEX - save on licenses, integration work, consultants, training, resolution etc. 

  • Will hide your IT from outsiders (i.e. no access possible by non-intended users)

  • Easy, efficient and much faster on-/off boarding, configurations and management

  • Eliminate a long range of Attack Vectors and TTPs (techniques, tactics and procedures) to be used

  • Enhanced user satisfaction and productivity as users can securely access from any device (controlled)

  • ...if the above is not enough - get the full benefits list here