Disrupting & Simplifying the 'Shared Security Model' 

Current Access Shared Security Responsibility

With ZafePass the Service Prvider can Manage the Security Responsibility    as well

New Revenue Streams for MSPs

A main challenge for many large and small organisations is a) the security of cloud services it self - and b) the shared security responsibility model.

MSPs (Managed Service Providers), CSPs (Cloud Service Providers), Outsourcers and also MSSPs (Managed Security Service Providers) are working with this model and used with cloud services from organisations like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure etc.  

The grade of security responsibility depends on the service required by the customer - but it doesn't remove the fact that the 'customer' has a responsibility for larger or smaller portions of the security - whether they understand it or not.

In the above figure (the one at the top) the left side (blue) represents the customers security responsibility for their data, applications etc. operating IN the cloud. The right side (orange) represents the service providers responsibility OF the cloud - for the security of the software & hardware they use, they maintain it properly, have gated physical access, trained and maybe even staff with security clerance etc.

No wonder many Cyber-security professionals "see cloud-services" as UNSECURE due to the lack of control they have with the environment. They are right to some extend, but placing a technology like ZafePass or another Software Defined Perimeter solution in front of it - will radically change the picture.  

With ZafePass the Service Provider - can now take full responsibility for the security also on the customer side. Its possible due to the design and architecture of ZafePass and the ability for the Service Provider to control, deploy and manage any user access and their entitled resources from their side in accordance with the customers security policy specifications. 

If you're a Service Provider, contact us and we can set-up a ZafePass solution in a few days to accomondate your customers and you can benefit from new revenu streams.