ZafePass have added a range of additional security features to the definitions of

Software Define Perimeter / Zero-Trust / SASE

The main difference between the ZafePass VPC and VPC for Enterprise, is the Security Policy enforcement engine. 

Another difference is that some organisations (government agencies) require that ZafePass operate with their own specific certificate/PKI solutions, have several integration points to for instance EDR, SIEM, IAM etc.

ZafePass for Enterprise will also ease ISO2700x certifications/recertifications  as well as the GRC team will find ZafePass extremely useful.

A special element is the Threat & Forensics capabilities you get with ZafePass. These are outlined in detail during the mandatory and required design workshops.

Proof of Concept, with your IT / OT data is highly recommended, as ZafePass can be configured to operate in environments most other solutions doesn't support.

ZafePass can easily operate on a Raspberry Pi for instance.