In addition to what is mentioned on the "SOLUTIONS" page, the subject of most interest, is probably;

"what's the cost"

"what license & config options are available"

"deployment options" and,

"how to get started"

Lets take you through some of the options.


The ZAFEPASS license options are:

  • "perpetual"
  • "concurrent"
  • "term based"
  • "pay as you go" and,
  • "license subscription"

An example of "license subscription" can be seen below, which is also the licenseform attracting the most interest. All licenses carry two cost elements only.

The # of users and the # of resources/services - combined they provide the "needed pool of  Resource Token Entitlements" (RTEs) to be licensed. 


Get the best of all worlds.  Using ZafePass - you can easily control access to resources and services in full control, leveraging the elasticity of the public, the  control of the private and the flexibility matching between CAPEX & OPEX in the hybrid cloud. It's easy to point to a service or resource you need to allocate differently.

Start your ZafePass journey, share your use-case, challenges and requirements. Should you want to move forward, after an initial quote - we typically engage in a couple of workstreams together with your preferred supplier or service-provider. We are discrete and can be engaged in confidential assignments.

In our "discover & simplification workshops" we assess what current security tools and processes you, with great benefit can 'retire' helping you provide accuracy in you business case justification.

In our "clarification workshop" we go through the various options you have, using ZafePass not only for how users can access, how you gain control but also the monitoring and forensics capabilities. We can't tell you all ZafePass can do!