ZafePass Fast Track

Simplifying the security solution stack and removing attack vectors for securing access to IT resources, services, applications and/or data is the next big IT-industry wave for preventing cyber-crime.

With the launch of ZafePass in 2020, ZAFEHOUZE is a 'wave ahead of competition' in this 150billion dollar global market, providing a revolutionizing technology extremely hard to compromise (if at all possible) – with the capability to enable the cyber-crime immune enterprise.

With the ability to eliminate the need of 7-10 different complex and resource demanding cyber-security solutions, ZafePAss will dramatically lowering OPEX as well as the attack surface - influencing operational resiliency positively.

ZAFEHOUZE aim for +1,000,000 ZafePAss users and subscribers in 2023 ... up from 60,000 in 2021.

ZAFEHOUZE Provide ZafePass For Free, If We Split Your 36 Months Cost Savings!

Let ZafePass control the untrusted 'user side', manage the 'connectivity and communication' all the way to the trusted 'backend side'. The benefit - full control !

A Service Provider that offer ZafePass VPC (can be branded) - have the abilty to control the provided IT services - end-2-end - as;

ZafePass doesn't rely on any 3rd party techologies like VPN, PKI (x.509), SSL/TLS (x.509), IPsec, DLP, CASB etc.,    as these represent "potential cracks in your armor". This means ZafePass lower the attack-surface dramatically and increase cyber-crime immunity. Please observe; you should still scan incomming mails, perform UEBA, monitor various infrastructure components, keep patching up-to-date - and you still have to have trusted people operating your IT environment. 

Reach out - get in touch, especially if you want to sign up for a free ZafePass trial. ZafePass can accomodate most requirements and be integrated with most solutions meeting your specific needs.