ZafePass Simplifies, Secures & onsolidates  any IT Infrastructure

The ZafePass architecture and design, follow a 'security first' development principle, resulting in ZafePass not being dependant on any third-party security solutions like x.509 (PKI, TLS etc.) based solutions nor VPN, IPSec, PIM/PAM, IAM, DLP, CASB etc. We don't require any re-routing of traffic and is not hardware appliance based.  The ZafePass Agent can be both be installed and executed via removable media, all needed security is built-in using obfuscating techniques, is extremely secure, simple and fully controlled from IT. Experience for yourselves how easy it is to manage and control thousands of users.

ZafePass, securely connects any user to any IT resource, service, application or data in ways the environment become immune to a range of cyber-criminal activities, lowering risk and attack vectors, using methods, technologies and techniques which has never been breached. Many have tried and we welcome you to try as well - this way we can harden ZafePass even further benefitting the whole user community.

Puzzled? Let's walk the talk!

ZafePass has been 18 years under way and  based on patented technology.  

Understanding what massive effort it takes to compromize ZafePass, you'll soon realize it's both cheaper and a lot faster, to buy an organisation using ZafePass rather than bruteforce you way in via ZafePass. 

By eliminating adversaries the possibility to do TTPs (tactics, techniques and processes) they can't execute on their objectives and gain access to your IT-environment.

Less attack-flanks, means your IT-team can focus their efforts and expertise on keeping the infrastructure operational. 

If you don'tknow it, we estimate your cyber-security exposure rate during a ZafePass Discover Workshop. We expect it to drop as much as 85%.

If you can 'compromize ZafePass' - we will, first of all thank you. Second, we want you on our team, because you have accomplished something a bunch of the worlds prominent ethical hackers wasn't able to do. 

Should anyone succeed, you can relax, as the 'damage' is limited to a single session carrying an application or limited data.

That's it!

Security people, like ourselves, are cautious and we don't issue 100% guarantees. 

What we can guarantee though, is that it can't be done in real-time, and probably not even in your lifetime, not even if you had access to Quantum computing power - in fact, not even if you knew how ZafePass works - and that means we can't either. Installing ZafePass it's yours, lets show you what, why and how!

ZafePass turns your whole environment into "TRUSTED"

The 'untrusted zone' includes all users in a Zero-Trust environment, even users inside the perimeter. All user can only gain access via a genuine ZafePass Agent.

The entitled resources & services is available from a menu in ZafePass. This menu is controlled by Admin and pushed out to each Agent (user).

Once a ZafePass Agent is closed, it will completely remove/delete all artefacts and traces of use.  

Please observe many competitors depend on 3rd party security solutions, re-route of traffic to own services etc. None of which ZafePass offer. You stay in control, all time!

ZafePass Access Points (ZAPs) reside inside the 'trusted zone'. You can have an unlimited number of ZAPs. They are easily distributed and centrally configured, supporting low cost management of remote locations.

The Admin console allow for fast, easy and efficient on-/off-boarding of resources, services, apps etc. - down to the control of single sessions and files/documents.

The options are many, its easy and uncomplicated. 

Does ZafePass have other benefits? 

Sure it has. With ZafePass it's not "more bang for the buck",

it's "a lot more bang for a lot less buck"!

Using ZafePass means less complexity, better user-experience, being able to faster respond to business requirements and changes, enforce security policies automatically, giving you full control and security over users and data via centralized and easy management - a reliable and stable sustainable business operation.

ZafePass is unique in the way, you don't need a range of different access solutions . You don't have to struggle with users working from home, not being able to configure their Wi-Fi to you VPN specifications. You don't need to manage devices and invest in solutions that require a lot of expertise just to keep them operational.

ZafePass offer you a flat known cost-structure for as long as you want, and it includes all the functionality and security needed.

Here is a few extra highlights.

It's not just the cost of each and every solution and the cost of professional workforce proficient managing every part, but also the cost of consolidating monitoring, on-/off-boarding users locationsand services, the cost of integrating each solution into orchestrated procedures. It has massive implications on productivity and profits.

Enforcing uniformly granular policies and handling events in a "Frankenstack"-heterogeneous environment, is close to impossible. Inevitably organisations with such environments, reach a point where the security policies are not enforced properly, opening IT resources to the risk of attacks and data loss. That's what you face today; a very high Cyber crime exposure.

Users gets confused when different solutions have different functionality - and wonder why they can access certain IT resources and perform certain operations from one location or device, but cannot do it from another. There's a lack of parity between the capabilities of different access solutions used for different scenarios - which leads to loss of productivity.

Every change in the datacentre network topologies, the on-/offboarding of users, services, applications etc., would have to take place in multiple system, resulting in lower agility and flexibility of the whole architecture. It impacts IT-staff productivity and hinder the business strategy and goals to be fulfilled, as well s the abilty to compete with industry peers.