ZAFEHOUZE end-to-end capabilities help organisations become agile , cognitive and maintain their competitive advantage, by reducing operational expenses and enhance user and IT-staff productivity.

We provide expert guidance, implementation support and we help you and your managed service provider, accelerate the business benefits of using ZafePass' advanced technology optimally. 

Our Workshops and Services typically result in a significant cost reductions, an improved and simplified security architecture setup, greater user exprience and productivity, as well as operational resilience and the ability to accomodate business requirements much faster. With ZafePass digital transformation in for instance merger&acquisiton use-cases will become a breeze and provide huge cost savings - and cost savings you'll also have meeting Governance, Risk & Compliance requirements, ISO-audits etc.

Everything we do have  the purpose of leaving a cyber-criminal empty handed not being succesful at all. In fact we turn the table around, so you will be sitting with the upper-hand, making sure your business is operational resilient and immune to most cyber-attacks.

We even enable you to consume IT in a new, secure way, requiring less resources and you have the ability to have IT fully operated by an external manged service provider.   

We look forward to hear from you!