Innovate your digital transformation journey with technologies - capable of simplifying and lower cost of IT-operation.

Engage in design thinking programs evaluating how your solutions can improve with ZafePass technology.

Professional Services

Leverage our vast technology & vendor exerience and insight. Our  discover & simplification workshops hvor focus on design-thinking, ease of us, superior cyber security not matched elsewhere and cost-take-out.

Improve business performance, enhance user productive, have more control of your IT-environment, save cost and increase profits. 

Eliminate or drastically minimize your risk of getting compromized - by lowering attack vectors.

Lower both internal and external resource requirements operating your IT.

Simplify and adjust in minutes rather than days and weeks.

Meet business requirements  much faster and a lot easier:

- CIS-controls,

- Compliance and regiulations

- ISO certifications

- Cyber & risk assessment

- Awareness

- Threat intelligence

Advisory & Professional Services.

Several factors determine if your business can become cyber-crime immune. What we can guarantee is that our solutions and services will be able to eliminate about 80% of all types of attacks. 

Our Professional Services team of experts, can help you stear clear of most types of cyber criminal activity, with proven strategies creating new edge experiences. Implement effective private, hybrid and public cloud strategies will improve and modernize your IT as well as simplifying your IT operations.

IT Modernization

Create the right platform for your IT operations and dramatically speed up your business transformation. Modernize your infrastructure, make your business  cloud-friendly so that you can speed operations and drive innovation and profits.

Network, Digital Workspace & OT/IoT

Build efficient, smart & secure workplaces supporting users with a Software Defined Perimeter design that truly transform your operational edge. Leverage the unique implementation expertise needed to build a connectivity & communication infrastructure that is scalable, modern, secure and under control of IT.

Cloud Consulting Services

For embracing cloud faster you need solid security of the any cloud service required for meeting business objectives adapting security policies in realtime. Leverage public, hybrid and private clouds, including legacy IT and overcome common cloud challenges.

Security & Digital Protection Services

Transform from a reactive static cumbersome point-based security setup to intelligent adaptive methods able to keep pace with the cyber threats and attack methods. Unify security and compliance on-and off-premises. Innovate with automation and intelligence, and eliminate business security challenges.