We innovate, rock the boat, striving for the better & leading edge. It started with a vision - a dream to stop cyber-criminal activity before it can be carried out.


Any Cyber-attack involves TTPs - tactics, techniques and procedures. If an attacker can't perform these TTPs - the attack is stopped before it bagan.

Mission accomplished.

ZAFEHOUZE is owned & operated by four Cyber Security Guardians. We are industry experts, with complementary skills and leading edge IT & high tech industry expertice, dating back to 1983.

Cyber Security


    "a secret place, for hiding your (IT-)operation from hostile actors or actions, or from retribution, threats or perceived danger - a 'premise' established by an organisation for the purpose of conducting 'business' as covert activity in relative security".

    The US Depatment of Defense 'safehouse' definition, added 'IT'.

    ZAFEHOUZE Leadership

    Started his IT-career in 1983/84, and has been pioneering IT-leading edge & innovative companies. He is a patent-holder, cyber security evangelist, futurist and disruptor. Holds board positions with IT/Hightech need or focus and is the Chairman of CSA Denmark - (cloudsecurityalliance.org)

    Contact: ceo@zafehouze.com

    Began his IT-career in 1995 and is a cyber-specialist and code-wizard. A true master in advanced coding, an innovator, patentholder and a cyber security evangelist. 

    He is serving as vice-president in CSA Denmark (cloudsecurityalliance.org).

    Contact: info@zafehouze.com

    The members of the ZAFEHOUZE BoD and Supervisory board are: