ZAFEHOUZE is owned & operated by four Cyber Security Guardians. We are industry experts, with complementary skills and leading edge IT & high tech industry expertice, dating all the way back to 1983.

A 'ZAFEHOUZE Supervisory Committee', is adding valuable expertise, experience and

guidance from the intelligence, forensics, financial and cyber security verticals.


Why all the "Z's"?

  • Because Zero-Trust is our DNA - never trust, always verify!

Can you trust ZAFEHOUZE?

'ZafePass', is developed with extended highly advanced functions and obfuscating capabilities, beyond the definitions of (SDP) Software Defined Perimeter, (ZT) Zero-Trust and (SASE) Secure Access Service Edge design guidelines. A ZafePass guarded IT-environment, means the licensee:

  • is 100% the ultimate owner
  • has the FULL control
  • is able to turn their IT into an IT-SAFEHOUSE, which means:

    "a secret place, for hiding your (IT-)operation from hostile actors or actions, or from retribution, threats or perceived danger - a 'premise' established by an organisation for the purpose of conducting 'business' as covert activity in relative security".

    The US Depatment of Defense 'safehouse' definition, added 'IT'.